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Welcome to Plaster Repair of Georgia

Independently owned and operated. Proud to serve the Southeast and all those who love their plaster homes. We provide expert plaster repair to restore and preserve the original beauty and utility of your home. Our focus and specialty is plaster so you can be assured of quality work you can count on. We love plaster and love what we do!! Can't wait to meet you!!

Paul Sanders

Dee Sanders
Office Manager

Our Services

Expert Plaster Repair

Attention to detail, plaster specialty experts, we strive for excellence

IN-HOME Evaluation

Excellent results start with a proper analysis of the problem.

Analyze, Understand, Repair

Timely Dependable Service

We aim to provide the best customer service. We will treat you and your home with respect.

Clean & Tidy

We use innovative techniques to promote a clean work environment. 

Repair of plaster walls and ceilings is not typically a job for homeowners to manage on their own especially if you are seeing large cracks, watermarks, uneven surfaces. We analyze each area of concern to formulate a plan for long lasting results. Restoring and repairing interior plaster is not like fixing cracks and holes in drywall, as plaster is a specialty compound requiring unique skills to mix and apply appropriately. Trust your home to experts with the knowledge and love of plaster. 


Many journeyman plasterers, contractors, and drywallers are not trained in restoration projects. Knowing how to apply new plaster is not enough to address issues that old plaster presents. 


It is often much less expensive to restore your existing plaster than tearing out the ceiling and replacing it with drywall and certainly much safer than adding weight to your ceiling with drywall covering. The results showcase your home and preserve the original beauty and integrity of your home.


We look forward to partnering with you on all your interior plaster needs.  

Our Work

Plaster Repair of Georgia is a leading expert in plaster repair, specializing in restoring plaster to its original beauty and utility. We have successfully completed a number of projects, and are proud to provide our clients with the highest quality and service. Contact us to learn more and how we can help with your plaster repair needs.


Wood Lathe
Before and After 


Before and After

Ceiling Repair Before



Tulsa King Season 2
Plaster Crew

Plaster Repair of Georgia Proudly Supports
The Georgia Trust


Founded in 1973, the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation works for the preservation and revitalization of Georgia’s diverse historic resources and advocates their appreciation, protection and use. As one of the country’s leading statewide, nonprofit preservation organizations, the Trust generates community revitalization by finding buyers for endangered properties acquired by its Revolving Fund and raises awareness of other endangered historic resources through an annual listing of Georgia’s “Places in Peril.” The Trust recognizes preservation projects and individuals with its annual Preservation Awards and awards students and professionals with the Neel Reid Prize and Liz Lyon Fellowship. The Trust offers a variety of educational programs for adults and children, provides technical assistance to property owners and historic communities, advocates for funding, tax incentives and other laws aiding preservation efforts, and manages two house museums in Atlanta (Rhodes Hall) and Macon (Hay House).

Our info in The Rambler

Our Info on The Georgia Trust Web Site

Plaster Repair of Georgia, LLC provides expert plaster repair to restore and preserve the original beauty and integrity of your home. Specializing in pre-mixed slaked lime plasters and other setting compounds.

Griffin, Georgia
t: 770-412-3702

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